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Great Night at Palladium Makati!

Sorry for not posting entries lately because I have been spending lots of time with my mom and baby sister because they are flying to Belgium this 18th of December so as much as possible, I need to spend time with them especially with my sis. 

So last Friday, me and my friends and office mates as well went to Palladium to celebrate Jen's birthday. I know this is not the perfect time to go to the bar because of what happened to Visayas but we still decided to push it through because we planned this for more than a month already. And it's our friend's birthday okay?

palladium bar makati night out
With the ever kind and pretty birthday celebrant, Jen. Happy 18th Jen! Woot! lol

Blue-green long sleeve - SM Department Store
Dark Blue Bow tie - SM Department Store
Black Slim-fit jeans - Bench
Watch - TIMEX

kakis clavio, palladium makati
This is epic! She's so pretty to be a mister!

Do you remember Kissie? She's also a blogger!

Best this about this is we were VIP guests! We paid more so we get more! We were at the center of the place sitting on a couch while the rest were just standing around us. That's how we party y'know! lol

Again, thanks to the birthday girl, Jen for making this possible.

palladium bar makati
while waiting...

Aside from sitting on a very comfy couch, we also get our personal waiter who was very accommodating but it is kind of awkward because we can do what he was doing like pouring our drinks.

VIP palladium bar makati
I love this pic! I love my friends!
Old friends, new found friends, thanks so much for this unforgettable night-out!

palladium VIP
and they all want me to be wasted drunk! lol Bottoms up! Bottoms up! lmao!
P/S Yes, they succeeded!

Palladium makati VIP bar
With the entire crew! Special thanks to Chami Rodriguez photography for taking our photos! Also, to my friends who also took wasted snapshots of my face that are now posted on facebook. hah!

All in all, it was a perfect night! I hope that this VIP night out will happen again soon. I love night life, I love having fun, dancing without thinking what people think about how I dance and most of all, I am loving my new set of friends. Thank so so much guys! Til next time!

We received feedback about what we did despite of what is happening to Visayas due to Super Typhoon Yolanda and y'know what, you cannot blame us, we still care for Yolanda victims, we really do and we have different ways of showing sympathy and helping out the victims. Not because you have photos of yourself packing up loot bags or wearing t-shirt dedicated for them, you can criticize or say something to other people who don't really post much about the movement for the Yolanda victims on their facebook wall. Please understand us, we care about those who are affected by the super typhoon but we also care about are friend's special day. So please, stop hating.
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