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Catching Fire @ SM San Lazaro!!

I love The Hunger Games!  I have already read all of the books and really hooked up with the entire concept. Kudos to Suzanne Collins! 

So finally, I was able to watch Catching Fire yesterday with my aunt after 5 days of waiting and waiting for my hectic work schedule to end. It feels like everyone had the chance to see the film except me! I was planning to watch it on its first day which was on the 21st unfortunately, it was my first day for work. 

catching fire katniss dress wedding gown
I won't say anything about the film since most of you guys doesn't was being spoiled about the film. ;) What I can only say is, I love it! It was very long like 2 hours and 30 mins and congrats to me for not going to the restroom to pee! lol!

sm san lazaro blogger model


Plain White shirt -- Bench
Black jacket -- Ralph Lauren
Slim fit pants -- Great finds
Shoes -- Great Finds

It's so fascinating to see the characters in the book came to life like Finnick Odair, Beete and Wiress and the rest of the gang from all districts!

I will forever love Katniss Everdeen but this time, there was this character that also captured my attention and looking forward to seeing her again on Mockingjay. I am talking about Johanna Mason.
johanna mason catching fire
I love her ATTITUDE!

To be honest, I forgot her role in the book because I was not really interested to her at the beginning. She first appeared as a bitchy lady from District 7 but I never thought that I will love her like this!

So if you haven't seen it yet, better go now because you are missing a great film full of action and awesomeness!!

Christmas is really coming I can feel it on my bones. The coldness as I travel for work during midnight. And I love it because it feels like I am in a different place and can wear my leather jackets, cardigans and cool sweaters for work. 

After the film, we roamed SM San Lazaro looking for some spots where to take great photos for my blog. Luckily, we saw this Christmas wonderland concept at the ground floor in front of Super Bench.

Of course, it's selfie time! hihi

sm san lazaro christmas deco
Selfie with the giant chocolate lady! Had a hard time capturing my entire body. Took about 5 tries before we got this pic. lol

christmas sm san lazaro
It's Christmas all over the world tonight! 

*sigh* I will always love tis time of the year where the night is longer and day is shorter.

If you will notice, my hair is lighter now and the brassiness had been toned down already. Thanks to my saviour, purple/silver shampoo from L'oreal.

I will blog about it really soon as it is really effective. I only used it twice and you can already see the changes. That's what you call miracle!

Everyone at the mall was looking at my hair and it's pretty weird because I don't know what they were thinking about it but since it's my decision to bleach my hair, I must be open with all kinds of comments. So far, I am getting good feedbacks at the office and some bad ones from my bashers. *feeling sikat*

Anyway, I love my hair so much and loving the transformation. Again, life is too short and you'll never know so make the most out of it right? Plus it's really fun to stand out. Try it!
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