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Casa Cassava!!

DO NOT READ THIS! While typing this, I am half sober. I just went out with some of my friends and we partied all night! I was supposed to have a shift at 3:00 am but I decided to stay with them and be like crazy dancing and drinking all night. I am not sure if I will blog about it but something happened. Something that made me realized something.

DO NOT READ THIS!!! Very strong content. I am warning you because right now, I am just typing what I have in my mind. Again, Do not read this, you have been warned!

If you continue reading this maybe you are really curious about what happened. And you might ask me who and what is Casa Cassava. Actually, it is something that came out of my mind while typing this entry. 

It could be a name or something that make me remember something but this is something different, something cruel, something ugly and worth forgetting.

I hate it, I despise it, I fcuking want to hurt it. DO NOT READ THIS. Stronger content below!

An open letter for Casa Cassava:

It was almost a perfect night at the Palladium. We were dancing, drinking and messing around like crazy kids. I don't know what got into your mind that time because I was so busy being awesome. In fact, I don't even care about you anymore. Why were you even there in the first place? Oh yes, we have mutual friends.

Again, It was almost a perfect night at the Palladium. Then bad things followed, thanks to you!

Have you ever slapped in the face in public? Have you ever spilled coffee intentionally in public? Well I do! It was very humiliating and that was the first time that I got humiliated before... IN PUBLIC (McDonalds). 

I felt sorry for those people who got involved especially those people who I just met that night. What Casa Cassava and I did in front of you is something that I need to forget but I am even sure if I can do it.

Every time I hear your name, see your face or even hear your voice, I just want to punch something in the face. Punch really hard, it will bleed like hell!

I don't care if you like me and I don't even want you to like me! Forget your fantasies of you and I being okay because that's not gonna happen. Call me mean or whatsoever but you suck, ugly and stupid bit*ch! GO TO HELL! 

As I type this, I have a specific kind of person to avoid in the future. Person that is something like you! Possessive, assumptive, coward and ugly bitc*h from the outside and the inside!


Right now, I am decided. I am going to file a resignation letter tomorrow and render 30 days. After that, I am done! I am gonna find a new job and I don't want to be a bum even for a month! I have needs so after rendering 30 days, I will immediately find a new job because I don't want to see Casa Cassava ever again! 

Sorry for venting guys, I have warned you. I am gonna sleep now.

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