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Blog post without picture

Hello guys! Just a very quick update because I am back to work after my 5 day vacation in Zambales and as usual, I am always dead tired and stressed. Anyway, I have not started post-processing the photos I took in Zamba because of my work but I promise, I am gonna post it before the month ends. lol! I am such a dedicated blogger!

One of the reasons why I don't update my blog regularly is because I hate posting entries without photos. Because it's like reading a book without photo and I am afraid my readers might get bored and will never return. :;( So as much as possible, I post pics in every blog entry I post but I just don't post photos, I edit the lighting, contrast, curves, crop, resize and even upload them to my Flickr account first before I post. Too much work right? 

Technically, just for the sake of updating my blog and be one of the most popular and elite bloggers on Nuffnang Philippines, I will update this blog without photos. *boring* Expect more posts soon guys! :)

How about you, what are your thoughts about posting an entry without photos? Is it plain boring? Unattractive? Does it even matter? 
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