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You have the right way to fly with AirAsia Zest!

I love visiting new places and capturing great scenic views using my camera and of course, posting my whole experience here on my blog; it is like re-experiencing everything the time I am in front of my computer editing some pics and doing my write-up. 

This is, travelling might cost a lot of money. If you are going to travel in the Philippines for example, 5,000 pesos might not be enough for you to enjoy what the city has to offer.

deej x airasia philippines
Good news is, Nuffnang Philippines is collaborating with AirAsia Philippines! Just a quickie heads-up, AirAsia; the world’s 5-time best low cost airline and ZestAir; the affordable low-cost airline nestled in NAIA Terminal 4 will be joining forces! Yes! You read that right! Two awesome airlines that offer low-cost travelling experience have joined forces to bring the most affordable and high quality flying experience. 

And now, you have the right way to fly with none other than AirAsia in Manila!!!

So Nuffnang Philippines and AirAsia Zest asked me this question: 
What’s your destination wish list?
Of course I have plenty of destination wishlist so I am going to share what I love to visit here in the Philippines as well as in Asia! 

puerto princesa tourist spot
{Puerto Princesa}
Located in an Island somewhere in Palawan. Ph. This city can be considered as the greenest and cleanest city in the Philippines! I love seafoods and beaches so this place is on the top of my list.

cebu city tourist spot
{Cebu City}
The oldest city in the Philippines. I love history so visiting this place will give me the chance to look back in the past. Vintage photos for my OOTDs will be awesome too! 

davao city attraction spots
{Davao City}
Great big city, dopest beach resorts, name it; Davao City has it! And also, I wanted to eat Durian because I haven't tried eating that fruit so for my first experience, I want to do it in Davao. teehee!

Meanwhile, here is my list of some places in Asia that I would love to visit.

incheong south korea tourist spots
{Incheon, South Korea}
I WANT to visit Korea. I love the climate, the places, people, everything! I think looking at the pics from Korea made me fall in love with the place. Plus this city can give me the best backgrounds for my noob modeling photo shoot. *wink* 
P/S. I wish I can see cherry blossoms here. It's on my bucket list.

kuala lumpur tourist spots
{Kuala Lumpur}
Temples, restaurants, night life and themed parks, they all can be seen in KL! And do not ever forget Petronas Towers, the twin skyscrapers in KL. I have seen this in movies and also bloggers taking pics with 'em so that is definitely a must try! Imagine my face with the pic above. Dream come true. ;)

{Shanghai China}
Best OOTD backgrounds, why not? Shanghai is the largest city in China and since I love photography, I think capturing the Lujiazui skyline is a must! I'd also love to taste their delicacies cox I heard that they are all good. 

Okay, just a quick recap, these are the places I'd like to visit domestically:
Puerto Princesa
Cebu City
Davao City
When it comes to some places around Asia:
Incheon, South Korea
Kuala Lumpur
Shanghai China

ZestAirAsia in Philippines

#AirAsiaPH #AirAsiaPhilippines

If you've been dying to travel the Asia for an affordable price, check out AirAsia Zest and the things they offer. Take note that two of the airlines that offer cheap flying experience joined forces so what could be the result? Cheaper flying experience around Asia!! Booyeah!

So the next time you plan for a trip somewhere domestically or internationally, try to travel in Asia with Airasia! Hmmm. Did I make sense? ha ha!

Photos of the places except for my camho above do not belong to me. I got 'em on google images. Kudos to the respective owners. 

I think this is it for today. I will let you all know if I will be chosen to fly around the Philippines or in Asia soon.
deej with love
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