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New Shoes from BENCH!

So I decided to treat myself because seriously, I am going crazy with the changes in my life right now. But not to mention those changes, this will also serve as a simple gift for myself for my birthday this coming December... Deejember. lol!

I love shoes and if you can still remember, I even buy shoes in cartimar manila. It is part of Manila where you can find the most affordable shoes ever! Boat shoes, snickers, leather shoes, basketball shoes perfect for athletes and gym-goers, Cartimar has it for you guys!

But this time, I decided to look for a new shoes in SM San Lazaro before I watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. I was 100% sure that i am going to buy shoes in PayLess because I had an AirWalk before and I used it for like almost 2 years! 

So I walked in there and I was so disappointed because they only have few shoes from AirWalk. I think 80% of their stock is from a brand "Dexter". I like some of their shoes but when I try to check for quality, well, it's something that made me hate the brand.

dexter shoes suck,
Forgive me Dexter fans but I really dislike this brand. I was about to buy the shoe above but the way they make it is something that I hate. I don't know I think the price of the item is not worth it. 

What I did after that is I went to the store in front of Payless, it is like they are calling my name. It is Super Bench. Idk why it is called Super Bench maybe because the store is really big and they are complete. They even have Bench Fix Salon in the store. It is indeed a heaven for Bench lovers!

bench shoes, affordable great shoes bench
Variety of cool shoes from BENCH. 

cheap shoes from bench
Deciding what to buy... They have tons of great and affordable for guys so I really had a hard time choosing what I want. So stressful!

bench shoes for guys men cheap
After 30 mins, I chose this grey-ish with blue outline shoes for only 1,299 pesos! Cool huh. I was contemplating if I am going to choose that or the blue shoe at the right side of the pic. 

So if you are also looking for some cool stuff in a very affordable pricing, visit BENCH! 

I bought my shoes at
SM San Lazaro
Ground floor beside SURPLUS

This is not a sponsored post for BENCH. Everything is my opinion. 
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