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My Hair Bleaching Experience (with photos)

Hi. I just woke up and the time now in my area is 6:23 am. I fell asleep a little bit early last night because I was not feeling well. My throat and sinus feels dry and it was like I am too thirsty so I took 2 tablets of vitamin C to prevent myself from having a flu.

Anyway, I posted something yesterday before I go to the salon. It's about me bleaching my hair blonde! I was really scared and excited at the same time because this is going to be my first time to undergo a bleaching process! 

Before going to the salon, I have read several articles and some do's and don'ts before bleaching the hair. Someone wrote that you should not take a bath before you bleach your hair so there is natural hair oils to protect your hair so that's what I did. In the salon, they washed and shampooed my hair. So, it's useless. lol!

bleaching dark black hair to blonde
Saying goodbye to my shiny brown hair. Kind of emotional. lol.

If you will notice, I went to different salon because my fave salon that I just featured here on my blog, the staff are all scared to bleach and ruin my hair.

This new salon that I just discovered is located inside the Isetan Mall in Recto Manila. If you want to visit the place, always remember to bring enough money and please, do not bring too much expensive accessories and gadgets. It's recto you know, home of hold-uppers, snatchers and ugly bad guys.


The Bleaching Process

The logic is pretty much simple, they will cover your hair with the chemical for bleaching (main content is hydrogen peroxide that removes color to your hair so it will look lighter than ever). Your scalp is not safe here so it is really itchy and stings like f***cking hell!

black brown hair bleach to black
This is the first bleaching process. My stylist is so kind enough that he did not include my scalp for the first application of the chemical because he admits that it's really irritating.

If you can see, my hair is kind of lighter but there are still remaining dark patches here and there especially on my scalp.

black hair bleach blonde asian filipino
Second application of the mixture. (Unto the roots and scalp)

Look at my face, I was too uncomfortable. If you are going to ask me how it really feels to bleach hair.... Well, it is kind of fun at first esp if you are seeing that your hair is slowly turning blonde but if the mixture touched your scalp, well that's another story!

You will feel thins tingling sensation on your scalp then it will become itchy to the highest level. Then it's gonna sting like hell! I'll admit, I almost gave up! But that will only last for the first 10 minutes of application but after that, your scalp will recover and what you will feel next is the uncomfortable warm sensation that is happening on your scalp. If you have lies, this is the best way to kill them all! lol

The process was like for almost 2 hours and that includes my haircut and shampoo treatment.

Bleaching Black/ Brown hair to Blonde.....

Filipino asian Bleaching Black/ Brown hair to Blonde
The end-result

Bleaching Black/ Brown hair to Blonde
Please don't mind my too skinny arm and torso. I am a model and I am on a strict veggie diet!!! That's how I earn money!!! lol jk!

Well the result is kind of overwhelming but it's too refreshing. I feel like I am a new man. Okay, I am overacting now.

The color is lighter but it has this yellow and orange touch on top of my hair and that's what I don't like. That is just normal because my original hair color is black with a touch of brown so if you bleach a dark hair, the result will be yellowish. 

The solution to remove this yellowish/ orange color on my newly bleached blonde hair is, purple or silver shampoo. Problem is there is no purple shampoo here in the Philippines so I bought one on eBay.

What I boughtLOreal Silver Clarifying Shine Shampoo (purple) Reduces Yellow Tones Blonde Hair

It is for £10.84 or approximately $23.00. Good thing is I have funds on my PayPal account, thanks to blogging!

asian filipino guy bleached hair
One last pic.. I love my hair!

You can visit my new salon...

Isetan Mall, Recto Manila
Third floor

See you guys there! FYI, Just tell your stylist that you came across my blog (Deej the Blogger) so you can get a discount and VIP treatment! I love the staff here in this salon, friendly and very accommodating. Everyone was asking me if I am still ok and saying encouraging words about bleaching and all. Thanks ENCARNACION FRANCISCO SALON for this wonderful experience! Til' my next visit.

Deej the Blondie

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