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Happenings: Philippine Fashion Week 2014 Spring Summer (with photos)

If you have not read my previous blog entry, I posted that I am going to the Philippine Fashion Week 2014 at SMX Convention Center in MOA that happened yesterday. Actually, the event was a week long but I was only able to attend the Men's collection because it's my rest day from work.

Guess what, I attended the most glamorous event in the Philippines without sleep and still haggard from the office. I only managed to wash my face, put on my contacts and conceal my huge zit on my nose. lol!

Before the event, I had huge problems. First is my mobile phone. It was automatically reformatted itself so at work, I need to set it up and download necessary applications that I will be needing during the event such as instagram and other micro blogging sites.

Second problem is my invitation. I never check my invitation at home since it's an e-invite and as we print mine at the office, I just noticed that Kissie and I have the same ID number so one is invalid. Luckily, while we were there at the venue, we talked to this guy who was the head of the event, I guess, we explained what happened, and he said that it's okay and I can still go in. Thank you Mr. Nice Guy!

philippine fashion week 2014 spring summer
and the show is about to start...

philippine fashion week ticket

Since we arrived at the venue too early, we got the chance to sit in front. Row A where we can see clearly the designers' creations. Too bad, I did not bring my camera and my phone's cam is too crappy I was not able to capture moving subject. :O But think on the bright side  I got tons of OOTD shots and selca at the event! 

me and kiss at the philippine fashion week 2014
Me and Kissie who is also a blogger. She talks about her way of living and beauty tips as well. Give her a visit, she will love it!

male model philippine fashion week
Feeling like one of the male models at the Philippine Fashion Week 2014 Spring Summer collection.

P/S. I don't have enough sleep. lol!

Black polo, dark green skinny pants, shoes from BENCH, Timex watch and my fave leather jacket that I never worn there.

And I am supporting my designer friend, Drei Soriano who did really great! Here are some of my picks.

drei soriano

drei soriano philippine fashion week

drei soriano collections

Photos are not mine. You can visit the official website of Philippine Fashion Week for more photos and even details.

Of course, I will not let this blog entry pass without my OOTD shot at MOA!

deej model moa
Dude, where you at? Candid photo of mine while talking to someone over my phone. Kissie and I were looking for some good restaurant because we were starved!

soi thai restaurant

soi thai food

And we saw this cool thai restau ~ SOI. Looks so delish!
That was the first time that I tried thai food and I liked it! Spicy for the win! 

You can visit them here:
Soi Thai Restaurant
Ground Floor, North Wing
MOA Complex

deej and kissie at soi thai restau
Enjoying our early dinner. Thai cuisines are L-O-V-E...

Until next time... What can you say about my bleached blonde hair? *wink*
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