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Going to the Philippine Fashion Week 2014 Spring/Summer!

philippine fashion week 2014
That is the longest blog post title ever but it's all worth it! This is going to be my second time to attend fashion week. Last May, I also attended to support my friend's friend, Drei Soriano and it felt like a culture shock for me. I love dressing up and mixing clothes to come up with a new look but fashion week is different. People there are different. Their style is somewhat peculiar but still, cool. There was this fat guy who dressed up like Jughead from the comic book "Archie" with matching black crown on his head. Weird and funny indeed.

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture photos from the previous event because I was kind of shy but now, let us see. I am more confident with my bleached blonde hair! lol!

I want to attend the fashion show for petite models but I don't have an invite maybe next time though. I wonder how to apply as a model in Philippine Fashion Week? You think I can walk the runway? lol

Anyway, I am excited and worried at the same time because I don't have time to buy new clothes for the event because after my work, I am going to travel from Makati to Mall of Asia for the PhFW2014 with my friend Kissie. Haggard but I can work it out! I am a model you know!

Watch out for some pictures esp. OOTD's and selcas. This event will be a blast!!!

filipino guy bleached hair blog
I reallly love my bleached blonde hair because it is so easy to style unlike before where my hair was so shiny and very hard to manage but this hair is just so awesome! Yes, it is kind of dry but for me in a good way. It's like I always have hair wax so if I want to style it at the office where I only have 15 minutes of break, I can just simply style and add volume by using my hands. Cool huh! So if you are interested in bleaching your hair, you can visit my stylist at my fave salon!


You can visit them at

Isetan Mall, Recto Manila
Third floor
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