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Bleaching my hair later...

And I am feeling scared and excited at the same time about this weird and sudden decision of me bleaching my hair. I don't know maybe I am just bored with everything right now. You know, I am only getting few decent emails from advertisers/ clients for my blog so it's not really exciting for me to check on it. I wonder why now? Now that I am blogging almost every week! Blogging world and getting sponsors are really complicated so for those people who keep on asking how can I get blog adverts, sponsors, clients and some collaboration, my answer is: I DON'T EXACTLY KNOW!

Before when I was on a long hiatus for like 4 or 5 months without posting a single blog entry, I got more than 10 emails from advertisers asking me to do something for them for some dollars. But now that I am committing myself again in blogging and reviewing things, I get nothing... well, few like 2 in a month. *lame*

So enough with blogging concerns... lol

So later today, I am going to visit the salon where I decided to bleach my hair. I will not go to my fave salon because they are all afraid to bleach my hair. Maybe afraid of ruining my hair because I might blog about them soon. 

Right now, I am so scared because I am not sure if bleached hair will fit my personality. All I know is blonde hair for guys is so awesome! A guy blogger from Singapore is one of the people who inspired me to bleach my hair. He is Typicalben. He looks cool though with blonde, blue, lavender, red and now, his hair is like rainbow. So colorful.

Another one is Chris H. from America's Next Top Model Cycle 20: Boys Vs Girls. I just love his hair! His face is so model-like and his hair makes it stand out!

chris h america's next top model cycle 20 winner
That hair!!!!

I already consulted the stylist at the salon if I can get a lighter shade of blonde because based on what I am seeing here in the Philippines, if filipino guys bleach their hair, it is kind of yellowish or like rust that looks so cheap and fugly. So the stylist said that we should bleach my hair for 2 to 3 times before I can achieve this lighter shade. I know this will be so itchy but I will do it! For the sake of doing things for the first time and I hope after this process, I won't feel this boredom ever again.

So what do you think? In your opinion, is it okay for a filipino/ asian guy to bleach hair and go blonde? Any opinions? Bad and good comments are very welcome!

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