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The Winners are...

Today is Friday the 13th! Kind of scary but I never had a bad experience during Friday the 13ths but still, it's important to be cautious not for today but should be everyday because you will never know. 

Too scary for a headline but on a lighter note, I will be announcing the 2 lucky winners on my Firmoo x Deej Eyeglasses Giveaway! Yayy!!!

So all in all, I have had 8 valid participants who followed those 5 easy steps and I picked 2 lucky winners this Friday the 3th! Wooot! I am so excited to announce the winners! And I think I have so many exclamation points already. haha!

But before that, I need to post some selcas.... (selca = selfie = much decent to use)
firmoo eyeglasses, free ayeglasses, free pair firmoo
I have been taking lots of selcas these past few days. I am not sure if people hate it but I don't care. It's my own way of appreciating myself. 
For those manly men who keep on saying that "real guys don't take selfies/ selca", I have two words for you, FCUK OFF!

I have a conclusion for those people who keep on saying that; they are so ugly they don't want to see their face on the camera. Or maybe, they are afraid what people think or say about them. Either of the two.

Okay, nuff' said. After randomizing every name using, I came up with two lucky persons!!!

firmoo eyeglasses free pair, giveaway, blog giveaway

firmoo eyeglasses winners

Both of you will be receiving your preferred eyeglasses from Firmoo. I will be sending you an email about your details so I can send you your very own Firmoo eyeglasses.

Winners, kindly email me your physical address so I can ship to your the prizes.

If ever one you will not reply to my email within a week, I will be choosing from the list and will be choosing another winner. 

firmoo free eyeglasses giveaway
For those who did not win, don't frown because I will be sending you a voucher for 50% off to your preferred eyeglasses!

From the bottom of my heart, I would love to say thanks to all of the participants and to my Facebook friends who shared and liked it. ;)

See you next time to my next sponsor's giveaway.

Firmoo, thank you so so much for the trusting my blog for this awesome giveaway!

Until next time guys and gals! ;)

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