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Starr's Famous Shakes is LOVE

Since today is my rest day for work, I decided to go out by myself and explore some places within my area. I never thought that there are lots of restaurants and food shops in UST Dapitan. I have never been to that area since I am not really fond of going out.

Aside from conio students that remind me of my college days, there is this one shop that made me hungry and curious as well.

Hungry because it was 3pm and I was craving for some good snack and curios because there are lots of people in the shop!

The place is called "Starr's Famous Shakes" that is located along public highway somewhere in UST Dapitan. Not really into exact places sorry but you can easily find it since it is along public road.

Too bad, the place is too small like super small and cannot accommodate everyone but it is really nice. I love the lighting and the art vinyls of Katy Perry and Johnny Depp holding a cup of their famous shakes. But then again, the place is too small. As much as I love to stay for a couple of hours and eat what I bought, I'd rather go home and take my food with me.

I ordered Strwaberry Cheesecake because the busy guy at the cashier told me that it is their bestseller. For my snack, I had Wedge Fries. The shake is for only 80php and the fries is for only 50php. Cheap huh?

starr's famous shakes dapitan UST
I love their creamy dip with this wedge fries! The Strawberry Cheesecake is also good!
Your 80 pesos is worth it. I will make you crave for other shake products and I will surely comeback maybe if it is not peak hour so I can stay inside and take photos of the place and also some selca.

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cute selca, selfies, top filipino blogger, contact lens
Selca of the day #SOTD
As you can see, my eyes are pretty cool because I am wearing my brown contact lens from my friend. I love wearing contacts because somehow, it makes me feel that there is something new with myself. In fact, I am planning to get another one but this time, it's gonna be black.

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Tomorrow will be a big day because I am gonna choose 2 lucky winners for my eyeglasses giveaway! So excited.

I guess, this is it for today? See you around guys!

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