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Spam mail from Aucoin Jacques

Good Morning peeps! I am not planning to write anything for today because I just scheduled an entry that will be posted on the 28th here so my plan for today is to do the laundry and bum all day.

The reason for this post is because of the spam email that I received on my Gmail account. It is interesting and somewhat deceiving if you are not really aware of what is spam or not.

My main goal in writing this entry is to help those people who will be receiving this kind of email from the same person in the future so feel free to share this on your facebook wall.

spam alert, aucoin jacques
Last night, I received an email from Aucoin Jacques, according to him, he has a business proposal for me. I looked at his email and it has an extension of mail so I assumed that Vodafone wants to sponsor my blog or something like that so I replied "I am listening".

Earlier this morning, he responded this very long email:

[Click the image to enlarge]

I blurred some part of the letter because the sender actually used my family's last name knowing the fact that I never use my last name in that specific email address the he sent the mail. I only use Deej Blogs. Weird huh.

According to the letter, I have a relative from the US who was deceased and left $45M so all I have to do is to send Aucoin Jacques my complete address, fax and telephone number for him to send me the Memorandum of Understanding or MOU.  

OMG! I am so filthy rich I can travel the world, I can buy everything I want and I can quit my night job! But no! I am not gonna send anything yo this stranger.

Sounds legit eh? But my question is, why me? I have lots of relatives here in the Philippines or in the US but WHY ME?

To Mr. Jacques Andre Aucoin, I have news for you. I am not stupid and you can't trick me! Stop what you are doing and get a real job for you and your family! Stop being a scammer! There, I just revealed your true identity. How shameful!

If you want to give him a payback, you can send him an email here:
Payback's a bit*h!
I just exposed your business email. Sit back and wait for spam messages like this. *evil laugh*

I am gonna reply with this link so he can see what I did and for him to realize not to mess with bloggers.

Nex time you will be receiving emails like this asking for your personal info and involves a huge amount of money, don't be deceived. Ask first and use the power of internet. If you think that there is no logical explanation why you are be given that amount of money then don't be fooled. Spammers, they are all over the internet. Don't expose your personal info even your email just to be safe.
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