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Raiven's Salon @ Recto Manila

I love pampering myself. My mum spoiled with these kinds of things while I was in college where we always go to spa to have our facial treatment together or have a relaxing blind massage.

Now that I am a regular employee in a very stressful job, I always go to salon and spa to have my "me time" and just relax. 
I am a regular customer of this salon and spa center that is located somewhere in Recto, Manila; beside Andok's. As of now, my mum and I are quite known in the place and we also have our personal specialists.

I always go here for my hair and feet. Yes, for pedicure because I have this ingrown that I need to get rid off once every  month. 

raiven's salon recto quiapo manila
Goodbye freaking ingrown!!!!!! >:D

I can say that 2 out of 3 staff can actually remove ingrown, the new ones are kind of sadist and really careless in getting ingrown. I remember before, I had an ingrown removal operation and the lady kept on asking if it hurts and I just look at her frowning; I almost say "My toes are fu*king bleeding and you are asking me if it hurts???!" But don't worry,I am too good to say that. teehee

The one who removed my ingrown a while ago was pretty good though. No bleeding and everything was removed I guess.

raivens salon and spa quiapo manila recto haircutters
Before my haircut.

I don't want to post some of my latest pics yet because it is normal for it to suck for a couple of weeks but now, I like it it is just that I am not yet ready to show it off. It is so so right now but I am sure I can achieve the look that I want it to be.

If you like my hair, you can visit them here.
C.M Recto (Beside Andok's)

You can personally ask for my stylist, her name is Nadine. She's been doing my hair ever since so I trust that she knows what is awesome!

This is not a sponsored post. Everything is my personal opinion. If you want me to review your business, send me an email. I check my mail box everyday. ;)
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