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1 more day and it's going to be my rest day! I am planning to do a lot of things. First is I am gonna visit my fave blind spa center to rejuvenate my body from a lot of stress from work. Lately, my body is aching especially my back and neck so I think this is the right time for me to visit my therapist.

Another thing that I like to do is to update this blog and do some link-building from other sites. I know it sounds boring to most of you but I usually spend my day off in front of my laptop reading and thinking some strategies on how to make my blog more profitable like Xiaxue and other Singaporean bloggers that I truly adore. 

So if you want me to feature your service or products or even blog shops, do not hesitate to leave me an email! Let's negotiate. *hihi*

Okay, enough with shameless plugging. I have been following Yutaki James' blog and I really like the way he blog and needless to say, his blog is indeed elegant! I want to achieve that kind of look but every time I try to focus with black and white design for my blog, I just can't help not to put my fave light colors. His latest post is about aegyo sal. Most people think that it is foolish to pay $1000 just to have aegyo sal because it looks like an eye bag!
aegyo sal
Look at their eyes and you will see what I am talking about. If you are not familiar with this trend then you might think that they did not sleep for a couple of days.

According to Yutaki, this has been trending in Korea for so long now and they call it "smiling eyes" or "korean love bands". Weird huh.

And... Lately, I have been posting selfies on my instagram and been noticing this huge eyebag! 
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Can you see my very own aegyo sal? I did not pay $1000 but somehow, I felt better because I know that it really looks like a smiling eyes. No? 

I was also wearing a real contact lens on that photo. My friend gave me this brown sparkle contacts and I like it so so much!!! In fact, I have been wearing it at the office or outside when I am heading home. 

I am not sure if Filipinos will appreciate aegyo sal as much as koreans do but if there's gonna be an offer for cheap aegyo sal in the Philippines? Why not? lol! I'll be more than happy to do it! Let me know and I will be there in a heartbeat.


I am also planning to dye my hair blue if not, bleach it but I am afraid because I am seeing a lot of Filipinos who are dying their hair but the output is not that good. Most of them looks like yellowish and I don't like it. I like my hair to be blonde or white just like Typicalben's.
That is Typicalben, another Singaporean blogger that I follow. I want to achieve that kind of bleach color not the cheap looking one and I am willing to pay for an expensive salon for that. Maybe on November because I just dyed my hair brown few weeks from now.


Enderun College will be holding a Restaurant Digital Marketing Conference so if you are a foodie then you better come! It's gonna be on October 23rd so we still have enough time to reserve this special day. This will be very helpful for restaurant owners or those people who want to venture in the food industry who want to know something about advertising, marketing and building a relationship with your future customers.

Awesome people from Nuffnang Philippines will also join this event so its time to see and meet them in person! This will be at Enderun College, October 23. See you all there!


My Firmoo Eyeglass Giveaway is still up so you better hurry and join!


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