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Dogs in Divisoria

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I love dogs or I must say small or petite breed of dogs because I am not a fan of huge ones because they are kind of scary and they also occupy too much space in the house. They also poop big.

As you all know, I love animals. I had different kinds of pets before; I remember I started with goldfish, quail, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and finally, the last one, a bunny. But this time, I am thinking of buying a dog.

I think what's unique about dogs is they are so friendly and playful unlike hamsters or guinea pigs but all of them are cute and adorable. Another thing is they are huggable. Please don't get me wrong, every animal has their own way of showing affection to their humans which is indeed amazing!

Buying a pure bred puppy might cost me 12,000 pesos to 15,000 pesos depending on the breed and that excludes their monthly vaccination so I think taking care of puppies is really expensive. *sigh* I mean I can afford it but what am I gonna eat? lol!

But I heard there are lots of half-bred puppies being sold somewhere in Divisoria (This is a place here in Manila where everything is cheap; from apparels, accessories, furniture and all). 

I remember watching a news before about those illegal transaction but it is still happening. You know, filipinos. *wink* If you are looking for affordable puppies, I think you must go to Divisoria.

If you are really eager to take care of your own pup then help those puppies and save them from those people who are selling them on the street. I know it is illegal but it is like you are saving a child from a kidnapper. You know what I mean? 

So instead of saying "buying dogs in divisoria is an illegal act", thing here is, you helped a sad, little puppy and that puppy will be happier to their own human friends. Right? Right? Instead of watching news condemning about those people who sell and buy illegal dogs and puppies somewhere else, do something and rescue your own pet!

One of these days, I will go there and buy my own. Will blog about it here soon!

The adorable puppy above is not mine. It's Miyake's puppy and she just posted about 'em on her blog. I envy her for having two cute pups. 

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See you next time! Thanks for reading! 

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