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I love buying stuff for myself whether it is over the internet or over the counter because somehow, shopping is one of my rewards to myself for working so hard and to lessen the stress that I am experiencing at work.

Since I love wearing cool clothes whether at work or casual days, I am really investing for clothes ~ I don't care if it is branded or not (yes, I buy things in thrift shops) as long as they are comfortable to wear and of course, I look good in them.

Anyway, who doesn't like free stuff or discounted items? Raise your hand and I will stone you to death right here, right now! Lol, just kidding... 

Well, the problem with items on sale is that most of the time, people tend to buy it because it's cheaper so tendency is, there are lots of people who will have the same item and it is kind of awkward if there 2 or 3 people wearing the same outfit in a party. Sad truth is, it happens all the time!

Good thing is, you can still buy cool and brand new items even if it is not on sale! This is because of coupons.
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Coupons are just a piece of paper that has no monetary value but once it is verified by the person-in-charge at the cashier, then it will give you lesser bill on the item that you are about to buy. 

Sometimes, you can get a coupon in a magazine or most of the time, through websites that offer coupons with discounted price. Recently, I bought a coupon for my mum for her diamond peel session in a prestigious facial clinic and guess what, we paid it more than half of the original price! Cool eh? I think I just saved 400 pesos in one session so we hoard!

If you want, you can also get friendly's coupons printable 2013 where you don't have to pay for anything! According to what I have read, selling and printing coupons are not against the law so you are totally safe if you are gonna do that. 

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Selca of the day/ SOTD

Selfie because I am wearing my new contact lens from Sparkle. Colored grey this time. If you are looking for coupons for contact lenses, try searching it online maybe you can see a printable one.. Hoard more contacts if you can and send me some because I am loving them!

Sorry for that vine at the background. My room is jungle themed so it should have leaves and vines and all. LOL!

I guess that's it for today. If you have questions about finding the best coupons for you, you can send me a comment or email. I will be more than happy to answer all of 'em!

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