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Braces Diary

I have been receiving lots of pending comments and emails about my Dentist like what's the name of her clinic or even her real name and what's pissing me off is reading stupid questions like if my braces are for real or do they have functions and so on... 

Did not I tell you that I blogged about it before? You can read my post entitled "Cheap teeth braces in Manila" if you want fast info. There, I posted my Dentist's info and on the comment section, you can read some published comments. But for the sake of some people who are asking and who will be asking about my teeth braces, I decided to write my braces diary.

braces diary
I think it has been a year and 7 months since I got my braces on and I can say that there are lots of improvements. My teeth is cross-bite meaning my bite is not in its proper form and this is somewhat hard to fix by most of the dentists.

Luckily, my Dentist is really great that she did lots of techniques on how to correct my bite and for a year, she focuses on correcting everything. Right now, we are on the process of aligning my teeth that might take more months. 

teeth gap, gappy teeth
That was my awful teeth before I got braces. 

And this is what they look like right now...
See? My upper and lower teeth are not crossed anymore but they are not yet properly aligned. Good thing is, my lower teeth are almost done. yay!

To answer most of your questions, yes. These braces are for real! Wearing braces is such a pain in the a$$ so why would I ever wear a fake teeth braces in the first place? 

cheap teeth braces, teeth braces blog manila philippines

The most read article here on my blog is about fixing teeth gap without going to the Orthodontist. It has like thousands of views since I posted it on 2011. I mentioned that you can fix or close a teeth gap using orthobands or dental bands that you can buy on ebay but it will only close the gap if you are wearing 'em. Once you remove it, the gap will re-appear in just a matter of hours.

I conclude that it is still advisable to have teeth braces than wearing orthobands or dental bands.

Wearing braces can be really expensive. I know lots of people who pay 50,000PHP for there teeth braces.

I know it is not practical to pay for such amount but it is important for us to have great teeth because somehow, this gives us confidence.

Good thing is I met someone who is offering affordable teeth braces in the Metro!
It's none other than my beloved Dentist, Dr. Alma Junio Nickolson!

For only 5,500 php down-payment and 1,000 php for monthly adjustment, you can now have your set of braces!

To answer again your question, yes, that is for your upper and lower teeth! Cool eh?

cheap teeth braces manila
Alright some camho. :D

I know you have been dying to know the deets about my Dentist so here they are.

Dr. Alma Junio Nickolson
General Dentistry/ Orthodontics
Tel no. 362-3270/ 366-1244
Mobile no. 0918-4423439

Set an appointment now and say goodbye to your crooked, ugly teeth. :D

I cannot tell you the total amount that you are gonna pay because it depends on the case of your teeth. For my cross-bite teeth, this will take for like 3 years but for my mum's case, it only took her 6 months before everything got fixed. It would be better to contact my Dentist and consult your case.

Questions are all welcome. Drop your comments. I will do my best to answer all of 'em!
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