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Subspace Coffee House ~ A must visit!

Hello there coffee lovers! It's me again featuring my first coffee shop in this blog. Well I am not a big fan of coffees but I am giving 'em a try since these magical drinks are saving my day every time I don't get enough sleep at work. 

I know this is kind of late... or very late in its ultimate form, I am still writing something about this dope coffee shop somewhere in Ortigas. I have been reading lots of blogs that featured about it since 2011 so why not give it a try?

subspace coffee house
I personally love their concept, makes me want to put up my very own coffee shop someday. *sigh*
I am talking about Subspace Coffee House. What I like about this is that they offer lots of goodies and unique surprises compared to Starbucks or any other popular pricey coffee shops in the metro.
Subspace coffee house has cakes, teas; hot and cold and of course coffees... with varieties.
This is also the best place if you are a Korean pop culture lover because it has lots of Korean goodies like pins and some posters of K-POP singers. Since this is a korean-inspired coffee house, expect K-POP songs in the background. Relaxing? Yes. 
Me and my friends talking, laughing and taking some photos of what we ordered.
I myself is not a fan of K-POP artists nor their culture but I enjoyed being in this coffee house. Also, the people that I was with are not really fan of kpop but we really enjoyed everything! I think we stayed for almost 2 or 3 hours here just sipping our delicious purple latte and catch up with our lives as working individuals. 

Minion, lion, Hello Kitty and a floating name on our purple latte. Dope!
I am glad I was able to visit this place and this is all because of my friend who actually invited us over. *Congratulation for getting your first dream job! Hurrah!*

subspace coffee shop
Chairs on the ceiling? Are you kidding me? Speaking of awesome and quirky interior, this coffee house is something!
Photograph with 2 of my closest college friends. I miss you guys already! :) Special thanks to my photographer/ camera-shy friend for capturing this moment! PS. Jen, thanks for the pics as well. I cannot determine who owns the photos. ;)
If you are planning to visit Subspace Coffee House, this is the specific address:
Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, 1606 Pasig
telephone: 655-7077

Oh, they also have a facebook page with 8,000++ followers! I think I am really a late follower. Hah! Bummer.
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