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Start Over

Beware, this entry will be very very heavy. It seems like things are falling apart. There is an urge for me to quit and start all over again. I know starting over will be extremely hard especially that I grabbed a job that is not related to what I finished in college. A Venus fly trap indeed.

Working in a BPO company is not that easy and will NEVER be! 90% of you guys might think that it is an easy money but the darn fact is, IT IS NOT! Some companies might be hiring people who are not college graduates so maybe this is one of the reasons why the perception of the most intelligent people in the world esp. in the Philippines is not good. Sometimes, worst.

Speaking about starting over, I already updated my resume and I am not sure if it is still the correct format or not, I just put my job right now and assumed that it is already over after a year and a month.

My workplace is really nice. Great people and of course, the benefits are really nice. Not to mention, the salary that is higher compared to my friends who fulfilled their IT dream. I am planning to quit for some personal reasons I cannot disclose.

I was looking for some job posts on Jobstreet and the first thinsg that I searched for are IT jobs. I saw java programmer, Oracle, web designer, web developer ; all of them are quiet familiar to me way way back in college but the truth is, I only know the concept but does not know how to use these programming languages anymore. I am hopeless.

Right now, I am eyeing for 3 companies. What I need to do is to print out my resume and walk-in. Leaving is really difficult but I think what's happening to me towards my job is not healthy anymore. I can't even eat.

Give me a month to recover. To find a new job... Bye for now! 

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