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Quick Updates

Hey there awesome readers of this blog! Yes I am talking to you. I just want to update this blog because I think somehow, I miss writing nonsense sh*ts about my life here. Since I don't have decent clients anymore, maybe this is the perfect time to post something about my life here. Perhaps, this is still a personal blog. No?

My problem right now is that Blogger is very slow. I am not sure if it is down or it has something to do with internet connection but I think my internet is doing great since I can download bunch of movies in just an hour or two. I reverted my blogger theme to a simpler one because the widgets might affect the loading time of Blogger Dashboard on my PC.

I am not really sure where to start because its been ages since I last posted here and I am sorry for the neglect. 

It is just that I am undergoing some changes... Lots of changes in my life especially my work that sometimes test my patience and mood as well. I think working in a BPO is not that easy. People say that it is an easy money because everything is scripted and as time goes by you will memorize your spiels and everything will be alright. Well I say NO to that. I do respect people who are working in a BPO esp call center industry because everyday is an opportunity ~ It is either you make it or break it. Every call count because it will affect your metric, your score and your performance that will test your value in the company.

The thing is, I am not sure if I am valued anymore. I am not sure if I can stay any longer. On August 10, 2013, it's gonna be my anniversary in the Company I am working right now. If it is not for the 13th month pay this December and also the people I know so well, I could have easily file my resignation letter and say goodbye to the company with a smile on my face. But it is hard.

Maybe the only reason why I am staying is because of my friends who keep on advising me what to do. I am trying very hard to be positive but sometimes, no matter how hard I smile or laugh, I really feel that something is not right. I should not be here because maybe, maybe there is something better, grander waiting for me outside. But for now, I will stay.

What is keeping me sane right now is my new hobby which is painting. I underwent being an emo-freak way back in college by writing poems but I think it is different now. I think writing is not enough so I tried to combine it with painting.

"Les Amateurs De Minuit"// "Midnight Lovers"

"Occidit Invidia"// "Jealousy Kills"

"Amore Dolet"// "Love Hurts"
I am using a simple watercolor in my paintings and a cheap paintbrush so don't expect too much. What I love about painting is how calming it is to me. It feels so wonderful to see the paintbrush gliding on the paper leaving colors on it. For me it's magic. Also, when I paint, my emotion is balanced. I forget my work, time, everything and that is all I need for now. Btw, Allison Harvard's quirky paintings inspire me a lot. ;) I love her so much!

Geolica contact lenses
Another update is today, I went to SM Manila to inquire about contact lenses. I am noticing that my eyesight is becoming weaker and weaker but when I was consulted by the cute doctor in Optical Shop, she said that my eyesight is still 20/20 so I don't need graded contact lenses yet. What she prescribed me is the super expensive eye wear that I already have. The thing is, I don't like wearing glasses because I am distracted by the frame that makes me dizzy. Maybe I will try wearing contacts soon for fashion. wah!
I will save money for this. Please don't be sold yet!
And oh, I wanted to buy this book "Practical Course in Drawing and Painting" in BookSale but it's kinda expensive. Maybe I will put this on my wishlist and be a slave for whoever will give this to me for my birthday... and I am dead serious!

And to end the post with a positive vibe, I am loving my new Capcase for my phone. I bought it for only 120.00 pesos. It's really cool. It feels like fiesta!
Happy fiesta capcase

Recent photo of yours truly,
I am now active on Instagram. Currently posting some random pics of my baby sister, my new paintings and some outfit for the day. You can follow me @deejtheblogger.
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