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Goals, Plans and Bucket

I think this is the first time in my entire life that I have a plan. I mean I had plans before but they are all short term like planning to go to specific place, eat something or do something with special person. But this time, I can say that I have this goal that will take me more than a year before I achieve. I am not yet sure but I will do my best to achieve this. All I need is patience and control.

I am buying my own car. That is what I am planning ~ my long term plan. I know this will be a challenge to me because I am earning an average salary for an average job. My advantage is I don't have a family to support and I have everything that I want now provided by my mum and relatives. I mean I don't need to save money just to buy a new phone or tab or laptop because I already have them. I don't need to worry about the rent nor the food that I will eat so I think if I can only control my expenses on clothes, shoes, foods and movies. Maybe I will cross food out because I don't want to deprive myself from eating good foods out there just to buy a car but I really need to limit watching movies every month since my internet is so fast I can download free movies in less than an hour.
My very own blue shiny car by 2015
I am applying Law of Attraction to make things easier for me. I want to be specific as much as possible so I am attracting a blue shiny car at the end of 2014 or early 2015.

I am giving myself 1 year to save up some money for my own car and I hope I can make it by then. 

It's kind of fun ad exciting knowing the fact that you are working hard everyday for something BIG in the future. It serves as my goal and inspiration at the same time since you read how tired and burned up I am at work in my previous post


Meanwhile, I am also planning to come up with my very own "Bucket List", where I list down all the things that I want to do before I die. I know I am not that old but I think it is important to have list of the things that I really want to do in my life right? 

But right now, I need to take a rest because I have work tonight, do my best and wait for every payday for this dream car of mine. 

Btw, stay tuned to my next entry about this cool Korean coffee shop somewhere in Ortigas that my friends and I visited yesterday. I am not a fan of K-Pop but this is something different in a very good way.
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