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Blogshop for guys in Manila Philippines

I noticed that most of the bloggers who are earning money on their blogs are either accepting writing services or product endorsements.

I tried the first where I earned hundreds of dollars way back when I was in college and where I can write almost everyday! But now that I am a full time employee for a BPO company in Makati, it is sad to say that I can't do it anymore. I can only write something maybe once or twice a week or sometimes, in a month! Procrastination. Maybe yes. Guilty of charge. 

If you can see, I have bunch of articles about certain products like online tutorials, making websites and some other tech stuff like Norton antivirus. All of them came from different clients and yes, those articles are paid via Paypal.

Right now, I am interested in modeling so I think I am willing to accept product endorsements here on my blog. I tried it once where I endorsed an app for iphone devices called EnviroPop. I also tried posting some of my photos so it looks realistic and I think it was not that bad knowing that I got a revenue and they liked it. Not bad for a first timer. 
I may not be one of the hottest male bloggers in the Philippines but I have the content. I have something to share not just photos but ideas. And I know SEO. That is my edge!

My main target are blog stores or blog shops in the Philippines. It would be better if it is located in Manila so things will be easier. I tried searching for blog shops for guys in Manila Philippines but was not able to spot any. But there's got to be one! 

I will start emailing the owners of the blog store once I found one but if you are interested to be featured here on my blog, you can send me an email at

If you are selling apparels, dope items for guys over the internet, I could help you in promoting your small business. Search Engine Optimization is they key!

If you want proof that I can advertise and influence people to try out what I post here on my blog, ask my dentist who is supporting my career. Read the official article about the most affordable teeth braces in the Philippines and how my doctor doubled her earnings from my referrals.

Again, this blog is open for new or existing blogshops for guys in the Philippines! Email me for more inquiries! 

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