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Tuhog Movie ~ Interesting film of 2013

I don't usually watch local films. If you want to ask why, I can give you enough valid reasons why but this is not all about them so please don't ask. Anyway, I have been dying to see this local film entitled "Tuhog" that is produced by Skylight Films. According to wiki, it is a dark-comedy film that is kind of "new" for a filipino film.

It is a story of 3 different people with different lives that are pierced through a single steel bar due to a bus accident. 

What I like about the film is how it is connected to each other while showing 3 different stories of lives of the main characters. The plot is divided into 3 different stories; Eugene Domingo aka Fiesta's story as a dedicated daughter, Leo Martinez aka Tonio's story that revolves around achieving one's dream although you are not getting any younger. I think this is the story that I really like because it made me realize that reaching your dream is really possible even if the whole world is against what you want. Lastly, the story of Enchong Dee and Empress Schuck's young love. 

What makes it interesting is how will the story end with a simple concept which is being pierced through a bar. Who will live, and who will die. I expected that the story will be like Grey's Anatomy scenario but IT IS NOT. They did not focus on the medical aspect of the film but on the message of the film. Its about living life to the fullest. Death is the reason for us to live and achieving one's dream.

All in all, I like the film. 4.5 out of 5. Money well spent and really a must see!

Have you seen this film? Share us your Tuhog movie review on the comment section below!

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