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Just got married

I never thought that I would do this. Thanks for the team's effort and support and for choosing me as the groom for the team.

I am not really a fan of joining pageants or something that involves wearing weird outfits and being judge by everyone from head to toe. It feels awkward. Add the feeling of smiling all the time for the audience.

I am not a fan but I joined for the team. For the experience. Most of all, for fun.

The theme is wedding ceremony with a twist. Each team will represent an element found in nature ~ Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal. We got to represent the element of wood. I found it lame because it is lame. If I were to choose, I cold have chosen fire. 

Kudos to the team's effort and the creativity of one of my teammates who is really competitive and there is an eagerness to bag the prize. 

Although we only spent less than 12 hours for our costume and props, we made it. We won! :D
convergys, wedding wood element, pageant
With my ever gorgeous friend and bride for the day. Thank you for being so supportive! 
I am not sure if I will still join for the next event but this is really something that I will remember.

Again, thanks to all of my teammates and friends who were there to cheer and compliment us ~ made us strong and made us eager to win. 

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