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Still a Good News

Hello there! Sorry for venting about my health on my previous entry I just can't help myself not to. Besides, this is still my personal blog aight?

This is just a quickie blog post because I know that blog entries without photos are boring as hell. No camwhoring, pinoy androgynous pics or whatsoever; Just a good news. 

This is related to my previous entry about my right kidney that has a 1.1 mm stone. That is why I decided to be on a cranberry diet for 2 weeks before I consult my doctor.

I was really stressed knowing that I have something in my right kidney. Sometimes when I don't drink enough water, my urine is kind of pinkish or somewhat colored which is really alarming.


This is not a problem. I consulted my doctor may 1 week ago and she saw the result of my ultrasound. She was so cool about it and even said that this is just a piece of cake and very easy to remove out of my system. 

So what did she recommend to release this stupid kidney stone?

Sambong capsules that can be bought in drugstores and lots of fluid. Aside from the sambong capsule that I bought, I also drink sambong tea both boiled fresh leaves and the ones in supermarket.

Even I feel full of water and don't feel like drinking, I still force myself to drink drink and drink lots of water! At work, I always pea when I have to because my health is at stake here.

I also sip 100% pure lemon juice once in a while because it is so acidic it can dissolve bones and other hard materials. Just make sure to use a straw because the juice might do something in your teeth.

Well, I guess this is it. Not a very short post after all. lol!

If you have something to share about your experience from Kidney Stones, you are very welcome to hit the comment section.
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