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Good things and Bad things

This is my first ever post after renewing my blog domain. It is just that I was too busy with the changes that I went through for the past few months. This is regarding my job that is obviously consuming me into bits.

Just to give you some updates, I am now back to Manila after my 10 day vacation in my hometown Zambales. I really had a great time with my family. We went to the beach and spent the night there with some barbeque and other fun stuff.
I am such a huge fan of the sun rising. There something magical about it. 

After reaching what they call "La Mesa". Kinda blurry though.
On our way home. Worth every step :)
We also went up to the Mountain that I think enjoyable but I am not sure if I am going to do it again. Yes it is fun but really tiring! Well you can't blame me because I am not really into things like mountain climbing. At least I tried right?

Another good thing is that my left lung is okay now. Well on August 2012, there was a finding regarding some small densities in my left lung which is really alarming. It could be a tuberculosis or some body reactions due to infections. I am not a doctor so I really can't explain what happened and how I recovered from it.

For some bad things, another alarming news about my health. After recovering from my left lung, there is another finding regarding my urine. I am not yet sure what it was but according to some nurses in our company, they found some red blood cells in my urine. I had my second opinion yesterday and according to the result, there are over 50 red blood cells in my urine. WTF!

I researched something about this result and I found out that the normal amount of RBC in a human's urine is below 4/HPF so I am really worried about this. 

I also searched for some diseases that can cause blood in urine but most of them are cancers in kidney and bladder that mostly occur to men above 50 years of age. I am only 21 so I think I can cross that out.

STD's.... Not in the options. LOL!

My assumption is it could be Urinary Tract Infection or UTI which is alarming as well but still curable.

I am going to submit my urinalysis result to our clinic this Monday and I am hoping that it won't affect my job.

I am planning to resign from my job. It is not yet final but the probability of me filing my resignation letter is so big.

I am doing really great but it seems that the money that I am earning from it are all consumed by my vitamins and medicines. 

Remember last January, I was hospitalized. On April I had medication for my lungs. Now, I am worried about this over 50 red blood cells in my urine. This is so not cool.

I hope everything will be okay because I am not yet ready to find a new job and leave awesome people right now. I am having a blast but I think my health is at stake here. I really don't know what to do.

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