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Cranberry Diet

Second post for the day. Is there something wrong with me today? lol!Maybe I am just feeling so bored.

If you have read my previous blog post, I mentioned that there is some finding with my urinalysis exam yesterday. According to the result, there was over 50 red blood cells per HPF. I am not submitting it to our company clinic so I am not yet sure what it means but I researched something about it so I will not be shocked.

I personally concluded that I have Urinary Tract Infection or UTI so I decided to bought cranberry juices.

Ceres Fruit Tea and Old Orchard Apple Cranberry
Did you know that cranberries can actually help block urinary tract infections? It has proanthocyanidins that can fight E-Coli bacteria that is the main cause of UTI in our bladder.

So it means that I am gonna drink lots of this along with water therapy. NO to soda, coffee and other preservatives ~ And it also means, NO TO MOGU MOGU. :'(

Mogu Mogu :(
My newly found best friend. lol! It is sad to say that I can't drink this anymore.
But don't worry guys, I am doing great. I know this is gonna be a piece of cake and give me less than a month and I am gonna be 100% healed.

Just want to share my recent photo modeling our College shirt. lolololol!
What do you think? HAHA! Feelingero.
PS. If you have UTI, what can you share about your routines or medicines that are helping you in healing this infection? Comments are very much welcome and appreciated!
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