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Porcelain Gifts from China

Hi! It's been a while. I was just preoccupied with some changes that I am experiencing right now. Just want to drop by to show you my new toys from one of my sponsors for the month of November. 
porcelain gift from china
I was kind of surprised when I saw this paper bag that was from Guangzhou, China. I was not expecting to have this gift from one of my sponsors for the month of January so this really made my day!

Killer packaging!

porcelain bookmark
I love this porcelain bookmark, perfect for the book that I currently reading from Lazada Philippines. :)

porcelain pen
This porcelain pen is so elegant. I love the intricacy of the design. At a glance, you can easily tell that it was from China. I am gonna use this when signing important documents. lol!

Of course, big thanks to LookChem for the gift! I really do appreciate it. More power guys!

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