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Norton AntiVirus

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Everyday, there are new computer viruses that are being developed and at the same time, existing computer viruses are being enhanced and this could be a dangerous threat for billions of computer users.

Today, more and more people are using computers, laptops and other electronic devices for communication purposes and mostly, for their jobs.

Personally, you cannot be a blogger without your own personal computer and laptop for your entries and other related files for your website or blog. For this, you should be extra careful about the data in your PC because of these viruses that we can get by browsing the internet or just by simply downloading files.

I love downloading online because they are free but the problem is, it could be a risky activity if you are not aware of the website that you are getting the file or you don't have a powerful protection against malicious files that are lingering on the internet that can affect the overall performance of the device that you are using. 

But you know what, I am not scared of computer viruses anymore. I am not scared of visiting new websites or downloading files from the internet.

Why? Because I have Norton AntiVirus.
norton anti virus 2013

Norton AntiVirus is one of the most popular antiviruses that you can install in your computer so that you are confident that your data are safe and sound while you are doing your thing on the internet.

It is developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation that can ensure your protection as long as you are subscribed to their service.

Good thing about Norton products is that it is implementing signatures and heuristics in identifying viruses. Signatures is very powerful against old or existing viruses but it is not that useful against the new ones or what we call hybrid. That is the reason why Norton AntiVirus is also using Heuristic approach in identifying viruses because it can monitor new trends of virus.

Aside from that, this will automatically tells you if you are about to download a malicious files that you can easily cancel or notify you if you accidentally visited a website that has malicious activities. In this way, early prevention of getting computer viruses will be implemented.

The 2013 version of Norton AntiVirus is called 20.0 or twenty point O as in the letter O. If you are getting Windows 8, then this antivirus is 100% compatible for your software.

So if you are planning to change your old antivirus, give Norton a chance like I did. Experience full security and avoid paranoia while you are browsing the internet.

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