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EnviroPop App: Let us save Sea Creatures!

Hello there human friends! This blog entry is very important so please pay attention and follow what I say. 

We all know that Philippines is one of the countries that has beautiful marine life and there are lots of people from different part of the world who are willing to pay thousands of their money just to see Philippine's marine life.

So if you are a sea lover and you are friends with the creatures that are living in it, then this mobile application is perfect for you!

This app is called EnviroPop!

This is the result of the collaboration between the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) and AppLabs Digital Studios in order to set awareness to all of us especially to children on how to conserve and protect our sea creatures!

Your goal in this game is to protect our cute little friends such as Chi-Chi the Panda, Gary the Grouper, Bobby the Butanding, Dolly the Dolphin, Doogie the Dugong, Pattie the Pawikan and Clara the Clownfish from toxic materials like PET Bottles, cyanide, dynamites, Oil and trawl net that could harm them. 
enviropop from studiolabs
Pop away toxic wastes like oil, PET bottles, dynamites and more!

enviropop game app
The fate of these cute sea creatures depend on your hands! *literally*
enjoying enviropop game
Enjoying the game! :) Very entertaining.
This is perfect for parents who want to educate their children about the risks of living underwater with toxic materials.

EnviroPop is available on iTunes for only $0.99 cents (about 44 pesos). The proceeds from the game will be given to the marine conservation programs of WWF-Philippines so basically, you are not just saving our sea creatures virtually but also on the real world! Great right?

So what are you waiting for?! Download EnviroPop now! I have links here that will redirect you to the download links okay?

This is for the lite version while this is for the full one. If you want some info about the game, you can visit the game's official website.

If you have questions about the game, feel free to contact me on the comment section or send me an email! I do respond. ;)
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