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College Friends and Mochi Ice Cream

It really feels good to reconnect with some of your college friends after a long time. It is like after you have been through after graduation and job after that, it is nice to see them and talk just like the old days.

Last week, the much awaited bonding moment finally happened. It took place at SM Mall of Asia with 2 of my college friends. 

We were planning to have this bonding moment since 2012, since we were ultra busy at work and school, plans were cancelled until 2013. 

We never planned everything, what happened was we just decided to meet up at Central Station and that is it.

We also watched "Chinese Zodiac" that is really thrilling and perfect for people who loves action-packed films with matching martial arts and Jackie Chan's humor.

Too bad we were late for more than 5 minutes because of the stupid lady at the cashier where we bought our snack. We allotted enough time to buy snacks before going in the cinema house but the lady only gave us our drinks and one of them said that we should wait for the snack. We waited for 5 minutes then 10 minutes and we noticed that we were late for the movie. Then the stupid lady at the cashier asked us what are we waiting for. I got mad because she confirmed our order at first and one of them asked us to wait then what? We were waiting for nothing? We were late for nothing? Stupid eh?

Anyway, enough with the bad vibes and be ready for some photos! Brace yourselves people!

enchanted world portal
Behold! I am entering a magical world with flying monkey in it!

beautiful creatures movie poster
LOL! Messing around with the movie poster of Beautiful Creatures. 
It was too early after the movie and we still have adrenaline rush cox of the movie so we decided to go to the sea side and ride the MOA EYE. It is a 10 minute ride in an air-conditioned Ferris-wheel that is perfect for lovers who want to have some moment. It is worth 150 pesos for a round trip where you can see the entire city and if you got lucky, you'll get a chance to watch the firework display up there which is magical!

MOA Eye photography
That is the MOA Eye. If you are afraid of Ferris-wheel, then don't be because it is enclosed unlike other Ferris wheels in amusement park. It is not scary it is close to boredom.

After our moment at the sea side, we decided to go in and eat something then we discovered this Mochi Creme Japanese Ice Cream.

This is a free blog advertising so mochi creme should be very happy! lol!
mochi creme MOA
Kawaii mochi creme kiosk stand somewhere in MOA

mochi creme japanese ice cream
This is how they look. I asked my friend what mochi means and she said it means "rice cake" so basically, it is an ice cream inside the rice cake which is kind of foreign to me.
mochi creme green tea
Kawaii packaging! I ordered Green Tea flavor.

deej eating japanese ice cream
Just me eating japanese ice cream. People are getting curious about what we were eating.  
This was the first time that I tried japanese ice cream and it tastes good. What's funny is that we all have teeth braces and we had a hard time biting the mochi because it was too hard and cold. It feels like my braces are about to stick out of the mochi then I read the sign on their kiosk, "Wait a few minutes to thaw before biting into your favorite mochi". We were like WTF?!!

deej's friends
My busy friends striking a pose with this cute little witch! Before I forget, thanks to that guy who took all the photos! Goodluck to your photography skills and if you want a male model, I am always here! lol!
Thanks for the moment guys! Best feeling ever! :D
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