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ChaLife Powdered Milk Tea is so good!

I love Milk tea! If you have been reading my blog since last year, you know how much I love drinking cold milk teas. In fact, I already featured some milk tea products that are new in the market and just to let you know, I am still open for milk tea endorsements because I know that it will be a blast this coming summer season! Why? Cox I am a psychic! lol! Seriously, people love drinking cold drinks during hot summer days and milk tea is one of their faves!

Speaking of which, I discovered this kind of milk tea drink that is so cool while I am at the grocery and did not hesitate to buy a pack. What is unique about this product is that you can make it at home because it is powdered and ready to serve whether it is warm or cold ~ Of course I prefer the latter one.

This is what I am talking about, ChaLife Milk Tea! A powdered drink milk!

chalife powdered milk tea
One pack has 6 sachets that you can enjoy for the whole week! Best served with ice!
When serving, mix the powder in hot water to melt cox it does not melt with cold water. After mixing, put some cold water and stir. Don't forget to add ice!

The taste is so good! Knowing that this is not that pricey and really affordable so for me, it is worth buying.

chalife milk tea
Relax.... Hot ~ Refresh... Cold!
Whether you want to be relaxed or refreshed, this is a must try! ChaLife milk tea! Available at the leading groceries nationwide!

Have you tried drinking this powdered milk tea? What can you say? Sharing is sexy!
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