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Unexpected Hospital Admission

Last week at the office, some of my co-workers and I were talking about different kinds of sickness and I mentioned to them that never in my entire life I was admitted to the hospital. I remember I was not feeling well that time.

After that, an unexpected thing happened.... I was admitted to the hospital. haha! It may sound funny but this it true.

Let me tell you the whole story okay?

Last Sunday, I was not feeling well. It all started with runny nose and lots of sneezing plus teary eyes. Before I go to work, I can feel that I already have back-pains and some muscle pains. My temperature was kind of high as well.

I took several meds for flu and some pain reliever just to ease the pain so that I can concentrate on my job.

I still pushed myself to work for 2 straight days although I am feeling sick (I hope my boss can read this). After that, I applied for early vacation leave for 4 days so that I can rest and regain my health.

On my first day on leave, I decided to go to Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center to consult a doctor so that he can prescribe the best medicine for what I was feeling.

Why JRMMC? Because my mom's doctor is affiliated with the hospital and it is near to our house. Bad thing is it is not credited by my medical card. 

One of the doctors there checked my blood pressure and also my breathing. She also asked me several questions about the things that I was feeling and how it all started. 

After that, we waited for like 30 mins for the main doctor or I must say the "big boss".

It is kind of disappointing because the bog boss just checked my breathing and he heard me cough a bit and said "I don't like the way he cough". After saying that, he said that I need to be admitted.

It was like the worst thing that I ever heard in my entire life~ to be admitted in an old and scary hospital full of communicable diseases. :(

After paying 400 pesos for the checkup fee, we were escorted to the other building to ensure our deposit for the hospital admission which is 2000 pesos. What I did not like is that you can really see that they are after the money. They will never bring you to your room without seeing the receipt!

I was in my room at exactly 11:00 in the morning. It was semi private so it is not that nice but it is cold because of the air-conditioner. The head nurse said that we must wait for the other nurses so that they can put the dextrose and get blood samples for my blood test to know my platelet count because the big boss suspected that I might have a dengue fever.

From 11:00 am, we waited for 4 effing long hours before my dextrose was set up. My mom is pregnant but she still follow up the nurses every hour. If she did not go ballistic and asked  for our money back, they will not move their ass off and hurry things off!

I had 3 of these in total!
After seeing and hearing my mom, I was hurriedly sent downstairs for my X-RAY and when I was back in my room, the dextrose bottles were there already.

hospital dengue skin test
After getting some blood samples and see the skin test above? That hurts! I hate needles!
dengue fever dextrose
This was my first time to have this thing in my vein! Surprisingly, it did not hurt. I thought dextrose was for patients who cannot eat.
 The "big boss" said that I can go out of the hospital in just a day after getting the result of my blood test but I stayed here for 2 days!

After a day, they got the result of my platelet count and it was negative! Hurray! I did not have dengue fever which is pretty obvious since I only have cough! DUHHH!

But after getting the result, the big boss said that I should stay in for a day just to be sure. To top it off, they will need some of my bloods for another set of examination. 

After knowing that, I went irate! It came to my mind that maybe, they are just after my money since I will be paying everything in cash and my medical card has no effect in this hospital. 

You know what, maybe I am right. Maybe they are so greedy they want me to stay a little longer so that I will pay higher bill. Maybe they want to repeat the examinations to double the laboratory fee. Maybe.... Oh come one! xD

Just so you know, the second test result was also negative. I knew it!

I was about to blog negative things about the hospital policies and also to that big boss. I was about to drop some names so that they will learn some lessons and changed the way they do business.

But I decided not do it.

I am not scared. It is just that, I appreciated every nurse in this hospital. Not because they are cute but they were all really nice to me and also, they are cute. hehehe 

For me, the big boss did nothing. He did not even examined me. Well, he examined me for like 5 mins and that was it. Guess what, he had the nerves to collect 1000 pesos for doctor's fee! Greedy old hag!

Let us not talk about this big boss because he is not worth it. I just want to say thank you very much to all the nurses in the Pay ward 4th floor! :3

Random photo outside my room...

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