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My disgust to wi-tribe internet service

I am mad. No. I am ultimately mad because of my latest internet service provider that is wi-tribe. I am sure you are all familiar with the name because they are getting popular because of their ads everywhere and they have lots of agents at the malls persuading people to try out their service. 

Wi-Tribe is getting popular on their “Pure 4G modem” which is I think faster compared when you are using broadband or any internet dongles. 

Another reason why they are hot in the market right now is they offer cheaper price for their internet connection compared to other internet providers like PLDT, Globe, Smart etc.

But there are huge problems with wi-tribe Philippines

Wi-tribe simply sucks!

I know this entry is more of a rant about the said internet service provider (ISP) but let this be a warning for its future customers not to subscribe nor purchase any of their internet package whether it is for a postpaid or prepaid bundle.

So here is my story…..

Me and my mom decided to try witribe’s internet service by purchasing their prepaid modem that is worth 1,298 pesos. This modem can be loaded in a weekly basis and you can also choose from a variety of internet speed (Mbps). 

Since I am working and I only have little time to connect to the internet everyday, this setting is perfect for us.  I am also a light internet user meaning I only use the internet for browsing purposes and I don't play online games nor download heavy items on the internet so 1 Mbps for 2 weeks worth 225 pesos is enough for me.

According to their terms and conditions, we can return the device within 24 hours so after getting the device, I hurriedly set up everything and used it immediately. 

At first, it was amazing. No disconnection, No lag, it was perfect~ NOT!

The good connection lasted for a week but on its second week, I experienced hell.

Here is the actual device.

The device is powered by Motorola so it seems very legit. I think this is a big disappointment for Motorola fans out there.

This is the front pic of the device where you can see 5 blue lights as its signal. What I don't understand is the 2 lights below that will show if you are connected to the internet or not. On the photo, it only has 1 blue light and it means that I am disconnected. It always happen.

My mom already went to their office unfortunately, we can't return the device and it only means that we wasted money for this. 

To sum it all up, I have my conclusions why wi-tribe internet sucks.

  • You only have 1 day to return the device so they will give you stable connection for the entire month just to make you feel you hit a jackpot but after that, you will experience the worst internet service ever! Good thing is they have customer support, the bad thing is, they also suck! They will say that you should simply restart the device and boot up your system but it will do no good. 
  • It is really slow and the signal is not stable. I live in metro manila so there is no excuse with the signal. It is acceptable if I live in a rural place or Mars!
  • You are just wasting money for their internet service.
P220 - up to 512kbps valid for 15 days
P550 - up to 2 mbps valid for 15 days
P1600 - up to 6 mbps valid for 15 days

I am telling you guys, it is not worth it.
  • The never ending disconnections. This always happen every time I connect to the internet. In less than 30 minutes of browsing the internet, you will be disconnected that this makes me want to throw the device!
There you go, I think I said enough about the service that Wi-tribe Philippines is offering. So if you are looking for disadvantages of subscribing to witribe, then this is a blog entry for you guys.

I am not promoting any other ISPs but I just want to warn everyone about Wi-Tribe. If you are not yet convinced then go ahead and it out yourself! You have been warned.

Do you have bad experiences with wi-tribe internet service? Feel free to drop your comments and be heard. This is your time to speak up!

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