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Year End Blog Post

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3 more days and it is going to be a new year for all of us. It means a beginning. A fresh start for all of us to prove something, to achieve bigger things. It is like  another 365 days to spend. 365 days full of surprises.

Alright, enough with counting. Before the year ends, I just want to write a special year-end entry to reminisce everything that I have been through in the blogosphere for the entire year of 2012. There are ups and downs but I am still here and I am going nowhere, as a matter of fact, I have reserve money on my Paypal account just to pay for my annual bill for this blog's domain (.com).
For the past few months, I can say that my blogging style has been changed. From rants/ vents, some of my blog posts became more informative and useful for many readers. But there are times that I can't help not to vent out even here on the internet cox this is my only outlet. 

One the blog posts that I can say helped out my readers until now is my entry about cheap teeth braces in Manila. It is more of a personal entry but with the help of a minor SEO, I was able to top one of the major search engines on the keyword "cheap teeth braces in the Philippines" that made it popular and most searched and visited personal posts. As a result, my dentist is having lots of patients.

Aside from writing personal blog posts, I also ventured on reviewing products that resulted to free products, free movies and a few dollars on my Paypal account. lol!

I got addicted to milk tea that is why I became active in reviewing different brands of milk teas such as Tea-rrific, Sip and TeaZone.

Aside from drinks, I also reviewed some places that I visited. One of them is West Coast Beach Resort that is located in Botolan, Zambales. Some of the people who read my blog post decided to visit the place and it is such a nice feeling when they are sending you comments or DM's on twitter about their positive experience in the place.

I would also like to thank Nuffnang Philippines for all of the special movie screening just for bloggers. I know I have been inactive for consecutive months and I have missed tons of events but I will try to join this coming year. Nuffnang is one of the things that makes me want to blog more. They are adding some spice and thrill in blogging. Again, Thank you very much! :*

Moving on, expect some new updates by next year. Updates about my braces, places, foods and random things about me. I will also do my best to step up my blogging style, more information and useful entries~ Less rants. 

PS. I would also like to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year! May you have a wonderful 2013! Please continue to support this blog!:*
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