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The Returnee

I was about to write something here on my blog a few weeks ago but decided not to post it because of some reason and I am not really sure why I am writing a blog entry now knowing that I have work later and I need some rest as I type.

Maybe because of boredom. Maybe I don't need rest at all. Or maybe, I just want to bring back the old days where I was addicted to blogging same as writing.

3 days to go and it going to be Christmas day but I don't feel the holiday's spirit. There is no school's party and exchange gifts nor Christmas break. I hate this life as a grown up who earns money for a living (not really for a living since I am getting support from my mom).

Too bad that I need to work during Christmas and New Year's eve and this will be the first time to spend these much celebrated days of the year alone and too far from my family in the province. Good thing is, these days are premium pay. lol! (thinking about the bright side)

I feel that my life now is too restricted. I am living in an upside down world with diverse people. I got limited time and energy. I got money but it can't buy sufficient time to spend with all the people I love. I guess this is the irony of life. I hate it!

Stop with the negativity...

I will also post some updates on what I look like now. haha! 

Warning: Incoming photos!!!!!!! xD

Deej's 21st birthday
Hooray for my 21st burfday! I spent it with my mom. My treat! ;)

deej at starbucks
After CVG's dominate party. Me and few of my colleagues were hanging out at Starbucks then Padi's after. What can you say about my shaved side hair? lol!

I just got a new internet modem and it is faster compared to my ISPs before so I think there is no valid reason for me not to blog in a weekly basis. 

I guess this is it for the week? See you soon!
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