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Dress to Impress!

I love wearing clothes that can make me look good and presentable anytime and this is not new for guys these days because I am seeing lots of men ranging from different ages wearing clothes that are up to date—stylish indeed. Since I start my day in the office at 4 or 5 in the morning with different kinds of  people who have great sense of fashion, I also make sure to dress like one of them or better yet, above all of them. Lol! Dress to impress? Why not! I love wearing semi- formal clothes with closed neck and cardigan for cold temperature in the office. I get my fashion ideas by watching my fave TV shows and take note of what they look like during the show so that I can make sure that I am dress like TV stars the next time I go to the office or at the mall. Dress to express is so overrated! Sometimes, try to step out of your comfort zone and wear new things. Try new clothing brands, explore and find things that will suite your personality. Sooner or later, you are one of the best dressers in your school or at work. But always remember, do not overdress! *wink*
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