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Cheap Shoes and other Items at Cartimar Shopping Center in Recto Manila!

I know this is kind of a late entry because most of the people who live in Metro Manila is aware of the place called Cartimar Shopping Center. But for the sake of people who are looking for cheap shoes and other items like printed tee-shirts that is perfect for skater peeps out there then you should all go to Cartimar that is located somewhere in Recto Manila near Ever Gotesco mall.

I have been studying somewhere in Recto for 3 years but I have never been to Cartimar not until now. Thanks to the blog that I have stumbled upon searching for great places in the Metro since I am looking for things to blog about here in this blog. I decided to visit the place and I was surprised to what I saw. SHOES EVERYWHERE! If you do not want class A items then this entry is not for you and get the hell out of here! But if you are not that choosy about the things that you wear then I suggest you must visit the shopping center. Always remember that it is always NOT about the brand, it is how you wear it!

Since I am looking for shoes, I decided to give their shoe items a try. I did not buy a pair but 2 pairs of shoe and it did not cost me more than a thousand!

cartimar shopping center, recto manila
Classy yet affordable. Durable? That is for me to try. ;)
I am gonna wear the leather one during my dress-up days in work while the red one is perfect for my getaways with friends. Let us see if these shoes are durable and I promise that I am gonna buy more of them if they last for more than 5 months! Lol!

I did not take photos of the place because when you are in Recto, you have to be extra careful about your belongings especially your mobile phone because there are lots of robbers all over the place so it is better to be paranoid than be sorry in the end.

So if you feel like buying tons of shoes for a cheaper price, then go to this place!!! :D

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