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It’s Been A while

Hi you guys! I know it has been a while since I last updated this blog that is why I feel like everything is so new. Well I have been very busy with my job and could not find sufficient time for me to update this blog. Anyway, I will try to write more and update you guys with so many things because I am receiving tons of emails about my braces and I want to respond to them in one blog post so stay tuned for that. For now, I just want to drop by and update you guys with what is happening with my life as of the moment. 

The latest thing about me is getting a job in the center of the marketplace in the metro. This is what I have dreamed ever since I was in college because everything is wonderful and organize in this city (I am referring to Makati City). I like everything in it because it is like you are in different place when you get there especially the infrastructures. Life in this city is so different compared to Metro Manila where I stayed for college because it is busier and fast phasing. Well, about my job, it would have been more perfect it is a regular day job but all in all, I am definitely enjoying it. I work as an agent for the number 1 (I think) leading company in this kind of industry and I am getting lots of incentives and when it comes to salary, it is higher compared to other IT companies where I applied to before. My shift starts at 4 am and ends at 1 in the afternoon but I go to work at 11 pm to get some sleep because I am afraid to travel at 2:00 in the morning because it is too risky for me. It is like a suicide mission thinking that there are lots of freaking robbers in the street waiting for opportunity to attack. My co-workers are fantastic! They are really a big help and I do appreciate their effort to share their knowledge to me even though we are all working in a busy and fast phasing environment. As of now, I can say that I am getting used to it and I am getting better and better everyday…. Or I must say every night. Ha ha!
Some of my wave mates and I having our lunch at 2 in the morning.
I guess this is it for today’s blog post. It took me a whole week just to finish this thing so I wish you read it all the way to the end. Lol! I promise to update you with my braces (since everyone is asking for it and I need to get some commission out of it. *wink*)

Bye for now!
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