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Back to Basic

Here I am sitting while staring on my computer screen thinking what to say on this blog post but can’t search for something amusing nor interesting to talk about. I miss those days when I was full of fresh ideas and by the time I open my computer, I can easily think of the right topic and proper words to use for my blog entries. In fact, I can compose more than 20 articles in just a day without even trying hard. But now, I am not sure what is happening to me. I think I need to refresh myself to be able to discover things worthy on this blog.
blogger's block, writer's block
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I think one of the reasons why am I experiencing this major blogger’s block is that my life is getting stagnant and repetitive due to my job but I am thankful about the job that I have right now. It is just that everything is too fast that I can’t even find extra time to go out and visit new food kiosk at the mall nor blog hop during my rest day.


I am planning to go back to basics. I will try my best to do things that I used to do way back in college where I can update my blog(s) everyday. Will try to visit new food kiosks especially milk tea or something interesting to feature on this blog. I will also update my entries regarding my braces because 50% of my mail is all about my teeth and I am kind of fed up about it. What else… Oh my pets. I bought 2 new hamsters and they are really cute and also the haven for pet lovers that I just discovered.
I really want to thank those people who are sending emails asking if I am okay because some of them are asking for more entries and I just found out that I have true blog followers. ;)
For advertisers who emailed me last month. I am really sorry for not responding to all of you but I will try to update this blog once or twice every week to regain my good blog status. This blog is still PR2 and receiving the same amount of visitors every day so I am not really worried about losing organic traffic. But I really need to work on my alexa status. 
So I think this is it for today and expect more posts ( with photos) for the next few days. I also need to freshen up myself with photoshop and my skills in photo editing. Lol! See you soon guys! 
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