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Hamster Fever

I love animals ever since I was a small kid and my mom always buys tiny pets. Most of them were different kinds of fishes and they all end up dead after a few weeks because I don’t have proper equipment in taking care of them.

Now that I am an adult, I still love having pets in our apartment because I am always alone and I think animals can really be a good company and stress reliever at the same time. 

I always wanted a dog but I just can’t afford it. Because of this, my mom bought me a pair of hamster six months ago and they are very adorable. Hamsters are not that cuddly but they can be a great pet especially for kids and beginners. Unlike other animals, hamsters are not that sensitive and they don’t need lots of vitamins that can cost you a lot. They are also not picky when it comes to their food as a matter of fact, they eat almost anything! BUT do not feed them dark chocolates because it is very harmful for their body.

male teddy bear hamster
This is Hyper. He is a male hamster and was very active when he was 2 month old. That is the reason why my mom named him “hyper”. Creative huh.
female teddy bear hamster
Don’t forget Sexy, a female hamster and destined to be with Hyper forever. She has no choice. Sexy gave birth to 10 hamsters and some of them died but most of them were adopted by my mom’s officemates since I don’t have enough space in my room for so many hamsters. Yesterday night, she gave birth to 9 hamsters and that was her third litter already. I noticed that her babies are tinier compared to her first two litters but I guess, the tinier the better. I named her Sexy because when of her coke-shaped body. What a hottie! Lol!

small baby teddy bear hamster
Speaking of hamster babies or pups, I took photo of them. These two babies were Sexy’s very first litter. I was able to take photos of them because Sexy is already a tamed hamster and it is okay for me to peek in their cage. BUT it is not okay to disturb hamsters that just gave birth because they are so protective and they might see you as a threat for her babies and that is one of the reasons why female hamsters are eating their babies. Sounds gross but it is 100% true.
hamster feeding babies
That is Sexy feeding her babies. The babies will be fully developed after two weeks and they will be super active. In this time, you can now put the male hamster together with the babies because he will not eat them anymore.

baby teddy bear hamster cute hamster photo
This will be a third-week old hamster looks like. It is cute, isn’t it? During their second and third week, you will notice that baby hamsters will start eating solid foods so prepare lots of vegetables like cabbage, carrots and broccoli. They love it so much!

Now that I have 9 new hamsters, I am planning to sell them to my friends because I can’t take care of so many hamsters right now and I only have a small cage that can be occupied by 2 hamsters. The profit will be used for me to buy bigger cage so that I can have more hamsters in the future.

I hope you learn something about taking care of hamsters with this blog entry. If you are having a hard time with your hammies, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to provide tips and tricks in taking care of them. 

PS. I am sorry for the watermarks on the photo. I hate watermarks because they ruin the photo but I can’t help not to put it because some bloggers just grab pictures from other blogs without giving any credits to the owner.
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