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Career in Blogging

I never thought that there is really a career in blogging not until now. For most people, blogging is just for “emo” people out there who wants to release all of their junks in their mind. Although this is somehow true because I started blogging as an “emo” blogger who always rant and post sad entries not until I discovered how to earn money on the internet. Everything changes after that. But aside from making a blog for personal use, some people also use this opportunity to be heard and become successful in this kind of work.

I am pretty sure that most people nowadays know that they can earn money on the internet but they just don’t give a damn about it because they think that it is going to be hard or some might think that the money that they will be earning online will never be enough for their daily needs. I am telling you now that is so not true. I knew lots of people who are actually blogging in the comfort of their home and earning more than the average salary of an employee in the outside world. Yes, I am talking about more than 15,000 pesos a month. But this will never be easy and it requires a very hard work. If you are fed up of working in a company and experiencing heavy traffic then I suggest you must try working online.

I myself worked as a freelance writer last year and I was earning $150+ a month (earnings from other online job are not included). Unfortunately, I stopped because I prioritize my studies first but I must admit that it was such a great experience!

Now that I am a graduate of Information Technology with average skills in troubleshooting and programming, I decided to pursue my career in blogging. I was very ecstatic when I saw a job advertisement of a well-known mobile company here in the Philippines and they are looking for “Bloggers” with knowledge in photo and video editing. What I did was I hurriedly went to their office and took the chance. I am now done with 4 interviews and essay exam and now waiting for the final interview with the Boss. They also asked me to send the copy of my NSO Birth Certificate and True Copy of Grades which will I send tomorrow. I hope this is the start of my advanced blogging career outside my comfort zone.

If you want to follow my footsteps in pursuing a blogging career, you can start by searching “Blogging” positions in jobstreet. It is kind of rare but I am sure you will make it!

PS. I would like to thank my friend and co-blogger Ced for pushing me to pursue a career in blogging. We talked about it on Facebook and it really made me realized something. Again, thank you and good luck in finding a job that is suited for you. 
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