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WTF China!

WTF China
Okay, enough for PRs for now because I have seen a news on TV and it pushed to blog about it. The title seems so harsh for China but this is not a hate post about the country itself. I just can’t stand the fact that there are people in this country who are using and producing this kind of medicine.

I have read an article entitled “Dead Baby Pills: China’s New Stamina Enhancer” and it was published last year so this news is not so new for people from all over the world. According to the article, these dead baby pills are being use as a stamina enhancer and at the same time, it can also be an alternative for Viagra.

97% Baby Pills from China

A documentary in South Korea revealed the procedure in making fetus capsule pills or also known as dead baby pills by putting all of the fetuses in a common refrigerator (similar to what you are using at home) until they become ready to put into the process of drying and pulverizing the fetus until every particle of them will be packed in a capsule.

This is really alarming because I don’t believe that they only process dead babies or fetus because these pills or medicines are very expensive and people will do anything for the sake of money. Trust me; it is not only in the movies. Here in the Philippines, there are so many babies who are being stolen from their babies and I think one way or another, this has something to do with this issue.

So for those people who are using this to earn money, people who are taking these pills for the sake of good sex and people behind these stupid pills, I got three words for you all: BURN IN HELL!

These little angels deserve more than that. I just can’t stand the fact that some people are just greedy enough to waste someone’s precious life just to satisfy their desires. I hope that the government of China can do something about this and stop the whole procedure of producing these pills made out of babies or fetuses.
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