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Tea-rrific Milk Tea is Terrific!

So I heard you want me to feature another milk tea product here on my blog. So your wish is my command! ;)

I have been trying out lots of milk tea products for the past few weeks and they are really satisfying my cravings for cold, delicious and unique drinks with certain twists and I love it!
For a non-lover of both milk and tea, I guess it is a miracle why I got hooked up with the combination of these liquids. The first time I tasted a milk tea, I was blown away and I woke up the next morning craving for more. That was the reason why I am eager to try out the new ones because I believe that milk tea is not just for Chatime, Serenitea or Gong-Cha so I wanted to give way for new names in the industry of selling milk tea to let them shine in their own ways.

Enough for the talk…

I now present you the latest milk tea drink that I have tasted with my Mom during Mother’s day last Sunday. It’s none other than…*Insert drum rolls*

….Tea-rrific! Hurray! Lol!

tea-rrific milk tea
Don't you just love the design?
I am not sure if Tea-rrific is new to the industry but I have been reading good reviews about their drinks since January of 2012 so I guess they are already established.

I can’t find their official website (if there is any) so I am afraid I can’t give you specific details about their branches and contact details for queries regarding franchising.

Tea-rrific is just a small kiosk that can be found at the mall. In my case, I discovered them in SM Manila on the first floor I guess though I am not sure but you can easily see it because they are in front of the escalator and their kiosk was really nice and looks very refreshing.
mom at tea-rrific
Believe it or not, she is my Mom
Of course, me! Gawd I am slouching! 
I asked for their best seller and they said that Oolong is a must-try so I ordered one for my Mom while I tried their latest product that is called Wintermelon Milk Tea since I am a huge fan of watermelons.
wintermelon milk tea
Their latest product ~ Wintermelon
For me, wintermelon milk tea was okay. I can’t compare it with their other products because I never tasted all of them BUT I really loved their Oolong. I think, Oolong is perfect for people who never tasted a milk tea before or people who love chocolate drinks. I highly suggest that you should try it out!

Tea-rrific Milk Teas and other drinks

They have milk tea, fruit smooth-tea, tea-fusion and ying & yang or tea + coffee. While writing this entry, I am starting to crave for their tea and I promise to come back and buy my milk tea soon along with my friends.

For the owner of Tea-rrific, you can contact me so that you can enlighten me and the readers for your branches and other details that may be helpful for all of us.
Who wants this? Guess who is craving.
Have you tasted Tea-rrific? What can you say about their tea drinks? Like or not?

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