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What I Hate about Manila, Philippines

I hate Manila
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I was not born and raised here in Manila but I have been living here for like 4 years now for my college degree. And I think I am gonna stay here for my job soon. Just to clear things out, this entry is not about hate. It is just a random post about the things that I observed and experienced in Manila that I truly hate. If you are going to search "I hate Manila", there are 13 million people who also have the same entry like this one and most of them are bombarded with awful and hate comments from people who are against their perception.

Manila is a great city because it is full of opportunities for people who seek for a stable job. There are so many awesome places to go to when you are bored. If you like to have fun during night time, you can easily find great bars and clubs where you can have fun with your friends.


There are terrible things that can be found in Metro Manila that you might also dislike. Without them, Manila would be so perfect.
dirty manila, i hate manila
This stinks you know!
First things first. I hate the garbage and stinky places. As a commuter, I always see awful places with lots of trash and they are causing foul smells like in Quiapo, Manila where my school is located. It is turning me off.

I also hate these cruel people who snatch and rob random people in the street. I know that most of you guys are aware of this  so do I. I was robbed last September 30, 2011 somewhere in Recto, Manila with two guys. I was riding a jeepney going to the bank to open an account. It was 3 pm and a guy declared "holdup". I was so terrified that I did nothing but to give him my phone. I was lucky that he did not find my wallet along with my allowance. What I hate the most is that I tried to look for a police in that area to seek for help but I did not find any knowing that the area is a hot spot for that incident. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU POLICE OFFICERS? Taking a break as always???!

What is very alarming is that robbers are becoming more obvious in doing their thing in public. The other day, mom saw a guy being chased by 3 to 4 robbers. They were trying to get his backpack in public. Luckily, there were some guys who helped him to escape. I mean what the hell is going on? I think this has something to do with extreme case of poverty.

So if you are new to Manila, I am suggesting that you leave your phones at home and bring enough money while you are going out because it might be a cause for your death if you fight back. If you already have them with you, just give them to these effing robbers! You only have one life and you can always buy new stuff. This is SERIOUS so take note of that!

The third thing that I hate in Manila is the traffic especially during Mondays and Fridays. I know you are aware of that so I am not gonna explain this further.

I guess that would be all. Again, this is not a hate post about Manila. I just want to be voice out my perception about things that are going on. But I am open for your comments whether it is a good thing or not. Hate me or love me for posting this one. I don't care. 

I love living in Manila, Philippines and I will not hesitate to buy a house and lot here in the future. I just hate something that can be found in this city. Again, for me, without the things that I have mentioned earlier, Manila would be perfect!

What about you? What do you hate about Manila Philippines?
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