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West Coast Beach Resort in Botolan Zambales ~ Affordable Indeed!

Looking for an affordable yet great resort with both swimming pools and beaches? Well you are in the right place because I found what you are looking for.

If you are planning to go to Zambales and you are currently searching for amazing place to stay, you must try West Coast Beach Resort that is located in Binuclutan, Botolan Zambales.

I have been here for a hundred times now and you can see some of my blog entries about the resort here, here and here. You can also see some photos in my recent posts. All of these posts had a lot of comments and people want me to post photos so last week, me and my family decided to go here again and I took several photos for my future readers regarding this beach resort.

West Coast Beach Resort has a swimming pool for kids and adults. It is not that big but it would be perfect if there is no other people in the area except for you and your family. We have been here during the holy week and it was jam-packed! There are so many people in the pool and at the beach but it was okay with us.

Swimming pool photos...

west coast beach resort botolan zambales
Their swimming pool

west coast beach resort botolan zambales 1
The pool. Can you see the beach over there?

west coast resort botolan
Mini pool for kids. It is about 2-3 feet I guess.
Other photos...

Don't forget to follow their rules okay?

They have this awesome volleyball court that is perfect for sporty guests.

Mini Grotto

The Cabin

You can rent their cabin for 2,500 pesos for an overnight stay. It is only limited for 3 people but you can talk to the owner or officer in charge for you to enter another person. There will be conditions. We managed to have 5 people in their cabin by the way.

Again, West Coast Beach Resort is located at Binuclutan, Botolan Zambales and is owned by Mr. Jun Gimeo. You can contact him using this mobile number: 09177320716

If you want to be recognized or have VIP treatment, you can tell him that you have read something about his resort from the internet or you can simply say my name, Darrel or Deej the Blogger from

The resort has no website yet and I am open for that project since I make and design websites. So, Mr. Gimeo, if you are reading this, you can contact me at deejblogs [at] gmail [dot] com so we can talk about the future website of your resort. A website can boost up the number of visitors you know.

Update: This entry was posted during the peak season where the resort's rates are higher compared to normal days. The 2,500 pesos might be lower when the number of guests are not that high. I will try to update this post soon with their rates during normal days.

Have you been to this resort already? Can you share your experiences with us so other readers can find some insight about it.
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