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I am on Vacation!!!

Howdy awesome readers of this blog! I just finished packing my bag for my 4-day vacation in my hometown, Zambales. We are leaving tonight after my mom's work so I am gonna be leaving the house by 7 and will have my dinner in her office. 

I just wanna say that since I am gonna be leaving, I can't update this blog for four days. And also, I can't visit your blogs because we don't have an internet connection in the province.

My plans for my summer vacation are quite exciting because one of the things that I am going to do there is to have fun in the scorching heat of summer. That is why I will bring the stuff that I got from here.


My hamster (sexy) gave birth to 3 cute pubs. I am not sure if she ate any but I hope that she will take care of her pubs until they grow up. 

Sadly, I need to leave them here in my room because Sexy and her pubs might not be able to take our 5-hour trip from Manila to Zambales. I will just leave Sexy more water and foods and something to chew and gnaw for four days. Their dad (Hyper) will be going to Zambales!

Until next time guys!

If you have something to say just proceed to the comment section below. I promise that I will visit back to your respective blogs when I am back home here in the city.

Have a safe and fun trip everyone!
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