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Androgynous Models in the Philippines

I was watching Kapuso Mo Jesicca Soho when they had their topic about androgynous models. If you don't know what I mean, androgyny is a greek word that means combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. A person that has this trait is called "androgynous" and I just knew that there are lots of androgynous models and they are earning lots of money because of this special trait.

Most of the androgynous models from all over the world are straight and they are completely different from transgender models. 

Androgynous model andrej pejic
HE is Andrej Pejic, one of the most successful and well known androgynous models worldwide.

At first look, you would thought that the model above was a woman right? But no. That is not magic. That is androgyny. Andrej Pejic can walk the runway wearing men and women's apparel and he is now used to it. According to an interview, Andrej said that he is now comfortable in his skin. You can search some of his photos during photo shoot and modeling events. Amazing right?

I also want to clarify that androgynous models are different from male petite models because most of petite models look like masculine or feminine and they can't project both of the sexes.

male petite model philippines
What say you? Lol!
If I am a model, I consider myself as a petite model although some people are saying that I look like girl especially if I have this "emo" look hair way back in 2005 but I don't think if that can be an aspect for me to be one of the hottest androgynous models in the Philippines. Lol! 

So for the local or foreign modeling agencies who are looking for model. Here I am, selling myself! Ahaha!

male petite model manila philippines
See that bone structure I got? :p
So what are you waiting for? Book me now! Haha! Okay enough with day dreaming. I know that I can't be a model.

What can you say about androgynous models? Hot or not? If you are a model, what type of model are you?
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