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Reconnecting with Friends

Few more weeks and I am gonna say "Goodbye college life". I am kind of sad because it means that I am leaving several things and people that became a huge part of my life but I have to move on and keep going. Because of this, I decided to reconnect with two of my college friends.

deej's friends
Jen and Lhen

They are two of my lovely college friends that I will truly miss. Jen graduated last year although we spent two years in college and we had the same subjects back then. She came from other school that is why she graduated first. She is now a working girl in makati and earning lots of money now. I met Lhen last year before Jen graduated. She was my partner in thesis A and B so we became closer.

We decided to meet up at the Mall of Asia because SM Manila is very crowded and I am starting to hate that place. We had our dinner in Mann Hann because Lhen suggested that restaurant. The food was great and also the price. lol!

After we had our late lunch, we just walked around the area and talk nonstop. We discussed all of the things that we have been through for the past months. We also had our milk tea at Chatime. That was my first time to have a milk tea in Chatime and I liked it. 

These two ladies love to take photos! Hey there Katniss! ;)
And it rained.
I personally like this photo with Jen. This is actually my DP on my facebook account. Hah! But of course, our gimmick will never be completed without these cool photos. Hey! I am a model right? lol! Okay, you can close your browser now... :p
Me with Lhen
Me with Jen
This can be a cover for magazine but why are we holding damn umbrellas? Argh! Oh well, I think it is okay. 

I think this is all for today guys. If you have something to say, proceed to the comment section below the entry. I will be very happy to comment back! 
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